Streamline Bus Route Tracking with Lynk-ed

Bus attendance tracking is an essential part of ensuring student safety. With Lynk-ed, you can track bus routes and monitor students from the moment they board the bus to their arrival at school or any other destination. Real-time notifications are sent to the school and parents, allowing for immediate updates on bus location and student status. With this feature, schools can proactively address any potential issues, ensuring a safe and secure journey for students.

By streamlining bus attendance tracking, Lynk-ed makes it easier for schools to keep track of students, maintain safety, and improve communication with parents. The result is a more secure and efficient transportation system that helps to keep students safe and parents informed.

  • Improved student safety through real-time bus tracking

  • Enhanced communication with real-time notifications to school and parents

  • Streamlined process for tracking bus routes and student attendance

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