Safe and Secure Car Rider Attendance with Lynk-ed

Say goodbye to long car rider lines and guesswork with Lynk-ed’s car rider attendance tracking.

Lynk-ed’s car rider attendance system makes the car pick-up process quick and efficient. School administrators are able to scan the QR code on the car, which sends notifications to the school dashboard. This information is then visible to the teacher, who can send the child out to the car. Once the child is in the car, another school administrator can scan the child or car, indicating that the pick-up is complete.

With this system, there’s no need for paper forms or manual tracking. Parents receive real-time updates and peace of mind knowing their child is safe and secure. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional car pick-up processes and enjoy a smoother, more efficient experience with Lynk-ed.

Increased Safety
With real-time updates and notifications, you can be sure your students are getting into the correct vehicle every time.
Efficient Pickup Process
Our car rider attendance system helps speed up the pickup process by reducing wait times and minimizing confusion.
Improved Record Keeping
Our system automatically keeps track of car rider attendance, giving you a comprehensive view of who has been picked up and when.

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