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Simplify parent communication and data tracking with Lynk-ed.

Simplify parent communication and data tracking with Lynk-ed.

Empower your school with seamless communication and data tracking through Lynk-ed Digtial Card.

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The Digital Card that is Simplifying Education

Digital Hall Pass

Contactless real-time student tracking system associated to Student ID’s. Allows for no-touch system, preventing harming bacteria. You can limit the number of transitions a student have per day per class. Pull reports related to students activity.

Say goodbye to the old way of allowing students to access locations throughout the school.

Conference Scheduling

Create, Schedule, and Accept

An automated system that integrates with existing meeting platforms; Zoom and Microsoft Teams. With our systems teachers and parents have a better user-friendly way to connect for parent-teacher conferences.

Digital PBIS

With the Digital PBIS service offered by Lynk-ed, schools can streamline their process to tracking student behavior incentives. Teachers have the ability to share information with parents within the parent dashboard. They can create digital currency to attach to the PBIS system.

Best solutions

Take control of your school with Lynk-ed, the all-in-one digital card solution:

Digital hall pass, Conference scheduling, One-touch parent communication, School-wide alerts and more.

Streamline existing systems and simplify life for your teachers and parents.

  • Improved efficiency: Our all-in-one card reduces administrative burden and free up valuable time for teachers and school administrators.

  • Enhanced safety: Our quick student access and digital PBIS solutions help ensure a safer and more secure learning environment.

  • Seamless communication: Our one-touch communication feature connects parents and school staff through virtual conferences, in-app messaging, email, and phone.

Revolutionize your school with the Lynk-ed all-in-one card solution!


Digital PBIS

Promoting Positive Behavior and Creating a Safer School Culture with Lynk-ed PBIS Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a research-based framework that has been implemented in schools across [...]

Software Solutions

School Safety

Stay Safe with Lynk-ed’s Quick Access Panic Alert

The ability to send instant discrete school-wide alerts related to potential school threats: active shooters, severe weather, bomb threat, or intruder.