Eliminate manual processes and improve student movement tracking with Lynk-ed Digital Hall Pass.

Digital Hall Pass is a revolutionary service offered by Lynk-ed, aimed at streamlining the process of tracking student movements within schools. This service provides schools with a simple, digital solution to manage and monitor student movements, reducing administrative burden and improving efficiency.

How it works:

With Digital Hall Pass, schools can easily issue digital passes to students, allowing them to move freely within the school while ensuring that their movements are monitored and tracked. This service integrates seamlessly with other systems within the school, providing real-time updates and ensuring accuracy in attendance and movement tracking.

The use of digital hall passes reduces the time and resources required to manage student movements, freeing up teachers and administrators to focus on more important tasks.
Digital hall passes ensure accurate and up-to-date attendance records, reducing the risk of errors and miscommunication.
With real-time updates and monitoring, schools can ensure the safety and well-being of students at all times.
Better communication
Digital hall passes make it easier for schools to communicate with parents and guardians, providing them with real-time updates on student movements and attendance.
Reduced administrative burden
Digital hall passes simplify the process of tracking student movements, reducing the administrative burden on teachers and administrators.


Digital Hall Pass is a game-changing service offered by Lynk-ed, providing schools with a more efficient and effective way to manage and track student movements. By reducing administrative burden, improving efficiency, and enhancing security, Digital Hall Pass helps schools to focus on their primary goal – providing students with the best possible education.

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