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Communication between parents and educators have not changed since the 70’s. The traditional method of connecting with parents and scheduling meetings is no longer convenient or feasible for the new generation family.

Parents on the go and busy teachers no longer must stress about missing their child’s conference, schedule time off work or stress about having the necessary transportation. Lynked is the #1 leading education communication platform for K-12. We provide the education industry with a secure, compliant and simplistic cutting edge technology experience. Our goal is provide teachers and parents with the ability to conference when it is convenient.

Lynked is an innovative software platform design to provide a simplistic communication platform for organizations.  Our team of dedicated and passionate professionals proudly supports Lynked’s vision, mission and services. 
To improve the K-12 parent and teacher conference experience with a simple process: Request. Connect. Chat. Our goal is to improve the K-12 communication experience through our innovative technology, Lynked.  As software developers, we have a passion for developing innovative technology solutions, and providing an innovative solution that breaks the barriers parents and teachers face while conferencing.

Lynked provides parents and teachers the ability to connect in a virtual environment, via the web, mobile or smart device in three simple and easy steps; request, connect and chat.  Lynked incorporates innovative cutting-edge technology that enhances the way teachers communicate with parents allowing more flexibility and availability to the user.  

Lynked, was designed for and with teachers and parents, from the simplicity of the 1.2.3 connection process to the quick access of conferencing during the workday.  Our technology helps teachers increase their parent-teacher success rate, spend more time on classroom instructions, and increase parent engagement.  It also empowers parents with the opportunity to communicate with teachers at real-time and during the convenience of their schedule.  

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