Real-time Location Tracking and Communication for a Safe and Seamless Experience

Take your field trips to the next level with Lynk-ed’s Field Trip Tracking solution. Say goodbye to manual attendance-taking and hello to real-time updates. With our system, students scan in with their QR codes as they board the bus, allowing you to track their location and presence throughout the trip.

You can also receive notifications for important updates and status changes, ensuring the safety and well-being of your students at all times. Whether you’re a teacher, administrator, or parent, our Field Trip Tracking solution provides you with peace of mind and a more organized, efficient experience. Start tracking your field trips today with Lynk-ed.

Real-time Location Tracking
Monitor the whereabouts of your students in real-time, ensuring their safety and well-being during field trips.
Seamless Communication
Easily communicate with students and teachers during the field trip, keeping everyone informed and connected at all times.
Instant Notifications
Receive instant notifications throughout the field trip, ensuring prompt response to any unexpected situation.

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